Justin Jefferson: I thought Eagles would draft me, I’m definitely glad Vikings did instead

The Eagles were second-guessed all season after the rookie wide receiver they drafted 21st overall, Jalen Reagor, proved himself vastly inferior to the wide receiver the Vikings drafted 22nd overall, Justin Jefferson.

Jefferson himself has some thoughts on that.

In an interview with GQ, Jefferson said he thought the Eagles were gong to draft him, and he wasn’t thrilled with that idea. So when the Eagles passed on him and the Vikings called, he was happy.

“Leading up to the draft, you know, they had all of those mock drafts and people sharing their opinions on who is going to go where,” Jefferson said. “A lot of people had me going to Philly. And, I thought I was going to Philly. Honestly. The funny part is, Philly was on the board and then Minnesota called me. At first, I thought it was Philly. But, I answered the phone and it was Minnesota. It’s crazy how all of that happened and everything. But, I’m definitely, definitely, definitely excited that I’m on the Vikings rather than Philly.”

Vikings fans are definitely, definitely, definitely excited that Jefferson, and not Reagor, is in Minnesota.