Woman shares ‘life-changing’ pencil hack for preventing period pain

When it comes to period pains, everyone has their own coping mechanisms; whether it’s a trip to the gym or curling up into a ball and eating nothing but ice cream for 72 hours.

Some women experience just low levels of discomfort, but sadly many are plagued with debilitating cramps, which can leave them forced to take time off work or even able to move.

In between taking painkillers and hugging hot water bottles, it can feel like only a miracle would be able to stop the pain.

Now, we’re not saying we’ve found a miracle, so to speak, but one woman on TikTok has shared a rather unusual method for reducing period pains, along with any other pain you might be experience.

TikToker lessiamac shared the hack, which involves taking the rubber end of a pencil and massaging it into the upper crevice of the ear, or navicular fossa, if you’re feeling fancy.

She says if you massage that spot for around one minute, before moving onto the other ear it really does help reduce pain around the body.

The video, which has since been liked more than 1.5 million times, has been inundated with comments from women who have tried the hack for themselves and been amazed with the results.

“Omfg this worked instantly, thank you so much,” one woman commented, while another added: “This really works! I did not have to take Ibuprofen this time and I usually take 10-15 during my week-long period.”

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A third wrote: “I am literally going to throw all my medication away, this is life changing.”

Meanwhile, others commented to explain that different nerves around the ear are connected with various different parts of the body, meaning it works in a similar fashion to acupuncture.

Everyday really is a school day on TikTok.