Woman claims we’ve all been using clothes pegs the wrong way all this time

When it comes to basic life tasks, most of us think we’ve got it covered.

You know, the simple things like taking the rubbish out and hanging your clothes out on the line. Oh, but we are so wrong.

It turns out that most of us have been pegging our clothes out wrong, and getting stupid unnecessary creases in the process. This adulting lark is harder than it looks, eh?

Anyway, a woman on TikTok has shared how we should really be hanging out our clothes to dry and, honestly, we can’t believe this one has slipped us by for all these years.

TikToker Christina explained that instead of folding our clothing items over the line and then pegging them, we should actually be placing the peg over the line and hanging the clothes below. It really is that simple.

As she points out, the pegs actually have a nifty little hole in them, which allows them to comfortably sit on the line, with the grip which holds the items below.

“Has anyone else ever realised that this is the wrong way to hang up things on a clothes line,” she asks in the clip, “and that clothes pegs actually have this little hole so you can actually hang your clothes on the line?”

One user commented: “Gosh, I’ve been wiping down the clothes line for years to make sure it’s clean before use. Now I never have to do that again!”

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However, several people commented to point out that here in the UK, our washing lines have a lot more wind to contend with, which could explain why some people opt to go for the old doubling up method.

“Yeah, so you don’t get lines from the wire on your clothes, but in the UK the wind ain’t having it,” one user commented, while another added: “Yeah but it’s called living in Britain and Mother Nature might take your clothes for a spin.”

Actually, we’ll probably give that one a miss.