Couple who bought house without viewing it spot ‘secret room’ from the outside

A couple who bought a house without ever viewing it in person noticed that something didn’t quite add up when they moved in.

TikTok user Sissyhankshaw explained that, due to the pandemic, they had bought the property without visiting first – but when they finally got to see it in real life they realised it had “something very weird about it that we had not noticed” from the pictures.

Raine films the view of the home from the outside, showing the structure includes two first floor rooms – one which she has converted into her office and a second which is shown to have a pitched roof and a window.

But when the pair were exploring their new home from the inside, they realised there was no access to the second room they could see from the exterior.

All the walls or ceilings which could lead to it are sealed off and finished, with Raine saying there’s “no way to access the other part of the roof which sticks up on the front of the house”.

She says: “There’s no way to access this part of the house that has a window on it. There’s a window, it’s a real room, it’s a locking window.”

Raine then heads into a small storage cupboard where she finds a small panel on the wall and says: “Except for this…” – at which point the video cuts out leaving her five million viewers in suspense.

She then posted a follow up video of her partner unscrewing the panel from the wall to show a huge, empty space with three windows on one side and the front facing window on another.

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The floor is covered in what appears to be insulation, with Raine finding finished floors beneath, a new roof, and new wiring – leaving her puzzled as to why it had been worked on but then blocked off from the rest of the home.

She added: “I just find it so interesting that there’s no access to this elsewhere in the house. This wall that we entered through is new.”

People flooded the post with suggestions of how to turn the space into the perfect “secret room”, with one writing: “Clean up the insulation, install a hinged bookshelf door, and embrace the cool hidden room you’ve been gifted with.”

A second said: “Renovate it and make it a huge closet”, while a third added: “This would be a cute hidden library.”

But some were less excited, as another asked: “Am I the only one who’s completely freaked out about this?”